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If it won’t start or fire with spray fuel, you probably have an ignition system problem, most likely a bad ignition coil. SCOOTER was stolen outside the place where I was housesitting. Yesterday the P. :help: My sons 50cc Adly scooter has become hard to start when its cold. Differences in their designs mean scooters and mopeds won’t be compatible with the exact same batteries. If it's not cold, the setting will be wrong. To adjust the valves the engine must be COLD. Got a good deal since it was last in a box and the 420cc came out. If it cranks good but, won't start, have a helper crank it, while you visually check for spark at the plugs. Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 3:12 pm Post subject: Scooter won't start/hold idle I bought my Italia last August and up until last December it ran awesome. Engine Problems . The first thing you should do in these instances is to remove the key and then reinsert the key. View and Download Honda Scooter user manual online. If you are a good welder, make a piece to attach to the crank screw that would fit a "T" shape drill piece, then you can use an electric drill with the T piece, to … start it. I was told the battery is probably on its last legs and it hasn't been ridden for days and before that probably not regularly for ages. I sent out a tweet and a Ever wondered how to derestrict a 50cc scooter and make it go faster? This Tutorial shows every restriction on a 50cc scooter and how to remove it!This scooter is so useful and fun. But even an old, tired engine with only 60-80 psi should run. happen if you leave your battery sitting untended in your cold scooter Wont run when cold. While scooters and mopeds both rely on batteries for power, it’s important to get a battery that matches your Piaggio (Vespa) Cosa CLX 125 Electric-Start scooter or moped. It Cranks, And There Is Fuel In The Carburator, But It Won't Fire Until The Author’s 2002 Suzuki V-Strom DL1000, ugly but winter friendly. Q. Check to ensure that there is fresh, clean fuel in the fuel tank. When you remove the plug, check the color of it. Activity is 2. Third time, again, won’t start. Discover Scooter's full discography. It has developed a clicking engine noise on a cold start. The headlights won’t operate starter to start your scooter. Frequent riding can often be enough to prevent this, but a battery trickle charger can also be a useful tool to keep your scoot ready to go at a moment’s notice! If you've got good spark and fuel and she still won't start, you'll need to do either a compression or leak-down test to discern where the problem might lie. C. Adjust the low jet as desired until the idle is where you like it. Frequently asked questions including how and where to purchase AMSOIL products and switching from petroleum motor oil to synthetic. 3g rollers, malossi clutch and bell, malossi yellow torque spring and a new belt. Other than them things the spark plug is giving off a spark and is wet when I took it out. Now the scooter won't start at all. If you still are not started then your carburetor may need adjusting. Air in the fuel line. the past two weeks it wont start unless the engine is warm, takes a good 20 mins to start once it's warm it runs fine. Because the engine is cold in the morning and if you self start it it won’t start easily because the scooter battery is also cold . The melodies and instrumentation have you humming that last tune for the rest of the day. if they sit for a few days the gas This is different in that his car won’t start when it’s cold. So if you are thinking about getting the Rascal Vision, be warned. 1999 Husky WR 125. There are different specific engine designs used on these go karts and scooters, but the principles on this page will also apply to many different engines. 5. Once idling ok, fiddled with mixture screw some more. TO give a proper start to your scooter you need to kick . I have a 50cc gy6 Tao Tao moped when you try to start it the engine has like a Puff of air come out back of carb and won't do nothing else won't start what could be the problem I had brand new carb from Amazon cause carb was clogged when bought it carb was on it less month kept having clean it and gas tank kept clogging back up every few days Scooter · Motor Scooter · Vespa · Female Bikers · Motorcycle Riding · Vintage Motorcycles Welcome to The Toronto Moto & Scooter Club (TMSC), this is Toronto's Premier Scooter Club bringing scooterists together from all walks of life. Got scooter questions about scooter repair or maintenance? Great! We've got scooter answers for you. Best Answer: Cold weather effects many motorcycles / scooters. After the car has warmed up, the sound goes away. Hey guys, I just recently purchased a 2003 Yamaha Zuma (I believe 50cc) scooter. All the gauges and the radio come on but that's it and now my buttons on my key won't even work and there is a dinging sound that won't go off wh Bike won't start - just backfires occasionally. I have tried adjusting the idle screw but the bike still won't idle you have to keep the throttle open when stopped to keep it running. The scooter ran fine when I bought it and I even rode it up the road to my friend's waiting van and it picked up speed fine, just felt like it needed a good tune-up. Scooter/Moped won't start consistently. Surprise surprise, my scooter wouldn’t start, and pretty soon the battery started going flat. Wait 3-5 seconds, turn off and remove red key (take it away from the bike). I have to kickstart the scooter when I start it in the morning and the electric starter only works after the scooter has been ridden and has warmed up a bit. This may help. It is small enough to fit into an elevator. a) Put red key in ignition, turn so that power comes on but do _not_ start the engine. . When starting your Vespa in cold weather, start with the choke 1/4 of the way out and increase it every four or five kicks on the starter. Scooter Carriers Scooters - 1049 results from brands EZ-ACCESS, Discount Ramps, Big, products like Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace Motorcycle Motor Scooter Pet Carrier Den Travel Bag, Discount Ramps Silver Spring Hitch Scooter Carrier 400 Lb Travel Kit +scooter Cover Sc400-dk-sc, EZ-ACCESS Suitcase Ramps Advantage Series AS 5' Model SUITCASE Cold Start. 1984 Yamaha Riva 180, been sitting for 8 years, won't start you cannotapply any throttle. To start a scooter needs three things: Gas A spark Cylinder compression If your scooter won't start it due to one of the above not being present. 2001 saab radomly won't start or even turn over 16 Answers My 2001 saab won't start sometimes or even turn over. No matter what scooter questions you have, we'll try to helpComplete your Scooter record collection. any advice how to fix this, the place I bought the scooter could not figure it out. Answer . the past two weeks it wont start unless the engine is warm, takes a good 2010 Jan 2008 Chinese scooters - cold start problems - a solution. Synthetic oil and filter Here is the new story and the article to go with it. How to test and repair the charging system on a scooter. ) for a period of at least 24 hours before riding the bike. Ride for a few miles, stop the engine then try to restart a few minutes later and it will just not start. Tried starting fluid and it didn't even fire once. Engine won't start - backfires out the exhaust Now the bugger won't start. I go to work with it (2 miles each way How to break in the engine on your new motor scooterSB Projects is a diversified entertainment and media company with ventures integrating music, film, television, technology and philanthropy. It has been sitting awhile (about 2 years). It's supposed to operate when the engine is cold, but if it's stuck or burned out, the mixture will be weak and the scooter So this is my first post on here. It can go to places bikes won't be appropriate. E. General. Your scooter will burn oil, it won't run very well, and you won't be very happy. Suddenly it has a low oil pressure text warning message and the engine won't start. A. What you are notice from your scooter is just a normal noise of the scooter because on the first start of the engine it is cold, when its getting hot the noise will gone. You would usually to wet or cold conditions. I have fuel pressure and gasoline to the combustion chamber. Yeah, in-laws dumped their scooter off on me. I should warn that I'm very new at working on scooters so may have done/missed something incredibly stupid. The bike won't start in the morning or the early evens. When the Vespa Won’t Start December 26, 2014 by Steve Williams 29 Comments After weeks of grey, gloomy skies, the return of the sun and the thermometer soaring to 39F could only mean a wonderful opportunity to go for a ride. Because of this, their magical power to start your scooter dissipates more quickly. Shop new and used Vinyl and CDs. If it won’t start go back to the beginning. . While it may be OK to use a small shot of starting fluid for an engine that's in good working order but a little 'cold-natured', it shouldn't be used to start an engine that has problems that need to be resolved. battery is fine and recharged. Setting the choke: For LEADER engines (LX and GT200) the automatic choke won't start choking until the engine is started. Dubois Essay Contest and goes onstage to receive his brand new scooter. 4 days later they tell me bad battery. Other PCX owners around the world have the same problem. The metal parts of the scooter’s air cleaner and air box, the I have a New Star 150cc China Scooter that won't start. b) For each of your black keys; put it in the ignition, turn so that power comes on but do not start the engine. Winterizing Tips: When it gets cold outside, many scooters and mopeds sit unused for several months at a time. happen if you leave your battery sitting untended in your cold scooter Comments for Why won't my electric start work on my scooter? 2004 eton won't start. You're like an old corvette that just won't start / You got a beautiful body and a cold, cold heart / I wanna find your key, get inside Discovered 756 times using Shazam, the music discovery app. Shop for Scooters in Kids' Bikes & Riding Toys. The bystarter system provides cold start and warm up assistance. Piaggo Group have have started taking deposits of £550 for their Vespa Elettrica scooter online. 10. If you can crank the engine for 30 min. This scooter did start and run with only 90 psi of compression. It is 100% approved by DOT. Make sure you're getting a good spark first of all, it should be blue / purple. It’s cold and it needs to wake up, really. But what if there is a problem? Well, the first thing you may need is battery help. 04. Kymco Super 8 150cc Scooter Won't Start. Cold affects all batteries so anything that runs on them probably won’t work as well if exposed to the cold for long periods of time. SCOOTER B MEMBER; 1985 JEEP CJ7 Suddenly The Jeep Won't Start. If the scooter doesn't sound like it's about to start then turn the throttle a bit while pulling the cord. Is definitely better on idle now, so a combination of the above has certainly improved things. WON’T CHARGE Charger not connected Check battery connection under glovebox. And never start a scooter by applying too much throttle, just a bit so it catches. How to start your scooter after weeks of sitting. The automatic choke is usually a black cylindrical object attached to the carburetor with a couple of wires coming out of it as shown on the left. Place the red meter test lead on the “Red” wire and the meter black lead on the “Black” wire. If after several attempts at starting, nothing happens, the engine may have flooded. Sit on the scooter and raise the side stand. Check out my other scooter videos and subscribe for DIY tips and Gas scooter does have the ability to charge itself but slowly. It is still covered by the original warranty. That's the thing though, when I turn on the scooter all the lights work just fine and the electric start does sound like its trying to turn over the scooter but it just won't get the engine to turn over. Try this 4-5 times. I pushed it home. U- 1 Battery If you have a travel scooter and the batteries are in a removable pack, go ahead and store your scooter, but bring your battery pack and charger inside with you. Showing 1-25 of 25 messages If you have any spark, the scoot must start unless faulty compression exists. You can lift the back of the machine up to allow the machine to rev out without it running forwards. It depends on the oil that you use on your scooter, If you are using heavy oil then the cold start is going to be a problem, I have a 150 cc Gy6, I use lighter oil like 5w-40 and I had no problem, but if you are using any other oil that has higher viscosity than 5w-40, you better switch back to the 5w-40. However it did have a hard time starting, this was do to low compression. Motorcycle carburetors have either an enriching circuit, a choke or a float plunger. If you didn't remove the battery and the cold weather hasn't killed it, you'll certainly need to fully charge it before trying to start the engine. I leave it for a while, go back and it will start. It ended up being a broken wire down on the bottom of the scoot, under the engine. If your scooter has been sitting for weeks and you are having trouble starting the scooter. Scooter KickStart cranking in HighHeels. Will Not Start: This is by far the most common gas scooter problem you will experience. When you remove the carb bowl, spray carb cleaner in real good & make sure the float isnt stuck in position (It should move up & down freely) Add new gas & possibly a new inline fuel filter. I figured out a little trick to starting my Tao Tao thunder in the cold. It comes with disc front brakes and a rear drum brake for quicker and safer stops. If the bike is warm enough to go where you need with the cold start device on, then go. Second, if that does not help, you can try to figure out if the cold start system on the carburetor is hooked up right Scooter dies/stalls when warm/hot after about 3 miles and won't start until cold. (Was the scooter warmed up or cold Real scooter kickstarting - cranking - cold start. Hey guys, Fiancee's got a 2009 Lifan LF50QT-15 scooter with 1500km on it that is on the fritz. Whether I give it throttle or not. I want so much for some of this to start making sense. If it stalled, chances are it would have been fine with a bite more throttle or waiting 30-seconds, it doesn't really matter which. Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:38 pm Post subject: 2006 Honda 350 ES Rancher won't Start Hey Guys, I've had this Honda for a year and change, bought new from the dealer. One day: Started in the cold, ran for a couple of minutes, then died and wouldn't start up again. Kymco Starting Problem cold start works great but once the scooter is warmed up and then I come out from a store where it could actually use a little choked You don't have to charge battery very often if scooter's own generator works right. It will not start when the engine is warmed up. My gy6 150cc scooter has a cold start issue. Warming a Car If the engine is warm before you try and start it, it will be far more likely to start, even with a weak battery. 09. Dave got you figured out. I bought a 2012 Roketa MC-75-150 from a local dealer because it was not too much more than a used model, but came with a limited warranty. Replaced carb and checked enricher. Now, if the engine doesn't start, you may need to turn the low jet slightly one way or the other for the engine to start. Turn the scooter on. Scooter batteries are much smaller than car batteries. It has the stock cylinder, tecnigas Tek pipe, 4. But when the So around 2 months ago my scooter suddenly won't start, I was riding it a day before and the next day without any problems and the next morning I try to start it and it won't. The &(@^%*( thing won't start. First, let's check to see if it has fuel. My friend has a Chinese 50cc scooter "VIP Future Champion" that won't start. And two, I choose to ride through the winter. How to start a scooter when is cold. If you didn't remove the battery and the cold weather hasn't killed it, you'll certainly need to fully It depends on the oil that you use on your scooter, If you are using heavy oil then the cold start is going to be a problem, I have a 150 cc Gy6, This makes it even more difficult to start and may cause damage due to the lean combustion. It started ok eventually, ran for 10 mins approx just above idle, again I left it in the garage. It does have the correct oil dipstick. com/youtube?q=scooter+won+t+start+when+cold&v=n_DERcZuTDw Nov 5, 2013 How to start a scooter when is cold. He let the battery run down when it was still operable, over a year ago, and when he finally replaced the battery, it wouldn't start with the electric starter or the kick start. Because the engine is cold in the morning and if you self start it it won't start easily because the scooter battery is also cold . Once it warms up its fine for the rest of the day. To remove the indentation (commonly referred to as a flat spot) the tire should be slightly over-inflated (approximately 20%, for example, if the regular pressure is 32 lb's. you won’t Lyrics to 'High Test Love' by Scooter Lee. Activity is 1. Note: Many of the simple troubleshooting / repair techniques for one manufacturer can relate to other manufacturers. R56 MCS Cold Start Issue We’ve held off on reporting on this issue for the past few months trying to gather as much data as possible before presenting it to readers. 50cc scooter wont start, need help. Buy products such as Disney Minnie Girls' 3-Wheel Pink Scooter, by Huffy at Walmart and save. The cold doesn't bother me, but its impact on my vehicle does. I too have an Aero 80 that won't start. Took carb apart and cleaned it, does not help. 6) While the engine is running keep revving the bike to warm the machine up. Tao Tao 50cc Scooter Won't Start-SOLVED!!REPLACE CARBURATOR!!! BN125 won't start from cold. My scooter is a 1966 lambretta SX150. At the same time the weather cooled down significantly while we were away. I have a Roma 150cc fully automatic scooter. So therefor if its not getting juice it would not work. It came to Honda 50 scooter's in the early 1980's, arriving with the Aero 50. In reality, each scooter, choke and carburetor are a little different, so what works on one scooter might not work on another. , problem cannot be a lack of battery power really. Once you've logged a few hundred miles, your scooter should be broken in. Now, I don't want to have to go through this every time I do a cold start It won't start. With most vehicles, there is a specific testing algorithm that you can follow to diagnose the cause of an engine that turns over but won't start. I have been riding this scooter for around 8 months now without any problems. I try giving is some gas and it runs for about 5 Scooter won't start. Moped/Scooter Won't Start | How to fix and get going again | DIY - Duration: 4:25. When i try and start it in the morning it runs for a few seconds then dies. Motorcycle Won't Start After Cold Weather. your manual says that you need a 500 mile first service. If it doesn't do this, I'd have the FI sensors checked. Comments for Why won't my electric start work on my scooter? 2004 eton won't start. I have a 50cc Yamaha Vino that is very dependent on the temperature as far as how long it takes to start. A car that turns over but won't start can be a real headache and leave you searching for a solution. Shows no sign of starting with the kick start either with or without choke, starts if bump start it with choke on about the 3rd or 4th bump. I've been lurking since I got my scooter in August. starts and runs fine when cold, but runs rich/smokey and won't idle when warmed up. 2009 Honda Metropolitan (Sold) Reason why electrical is I didn't know if the enricher is getting juice. Here's a pic of What to do if your scooter won't start. posted by The pump is driven by vacuum from the engine so if compression is low then it won't operate. It will start just fine when warm. E. One of the most dreaded things that can happen, especially after you have seen the full benefit derived from your mobility scooter, is when it just won't start because it appears to be dead. Depending on the amount of miles you do and the output of the charging system it may still need hooked up to the battery tender regularly just to keep it at 100%. Most engines need a cranking speed of 200 to 300 rpm to start, so if the starter is weak and can't crank the engine fast enough to build compression, the engine won't start. grrr! does anyone out there have any ideas? I don't know anything about engines so I need some advice from someone smarter than me. I usually only have this problem after 2-3 + days of non-use. I know with a weak battery, these things can be hard to kick-start when cold (choke and primer don't work correctly). 5 NewJetta has 31,000 miles. I normally never touch the throttle when starting the bike, as from my experience, fuel injected bikes don't like to have the throttle twisted when starting, however this time I have noticed, if I twist the throttle on start it seems to like it and starts. Why I Love My Scooter | Scooter vs. In the real world, sudden, overnight losses of compression are rare. Honda scooter info center - Honda maintenance schedules and general info. When warm, I need to give a *little* throttle to start. When the engine is cold the carbon track has a low resistance and it conducts well enough so the spark is strong enough to start the engine, when the engine is warmer the track resistance is greater and the spark less strong. I tried to start my Vespa with the kickstart for about 20 mins to no avail. However, I was warming the bike up for a few minutes and it stalled when I started to take off. My wife has a little yamaha scooter that has trouble starting when cold. There are three Silverwings here in the Philadelphia area that won't start. Have to choke it and fiddle with the gas and then it will start barely, when hot, starts great, any ideas? When mine doesn't start I gas the throttle a bit more and keep trying. The battery is fully charged, the tank has "good" gas in it but when I try to start it with the electric starter it turns over, and over and over and over and never catches. A new engine should read somewhere around 140 psi. 2016 · Riding from Saigon to Hanoi by motorbike is probably the most popular road trip in Vietnam, and it’s unquestionably one of the best ways to experience To start a scooter needs three things: Gas A spark Cylinder compression If your scooter won't start it due to one of the above not being present. If we give a little gas and start it back up it runs fine, just won't idle. Frankly, it's given us enough trouble over the course of its lifetime that I'm ready to sell it, but need to fix this one issue first. (1) Most likely the float level set on one or more carbs is too high allowing fuel to bleed thur during hot starts which will cause hard starting. the difference between a Cushman Scooter and a big Harley. You can take battery off from scooter and charge it somewhere else. And there has been no sun supplying radiant heat. My 2005. On a cold morning it should start instantly and the idle should be up around 1500 RPM or more and then it should slowly lower itself as the motor warms. Took it to the shop, and they replaced my intake gasket, which was blown out from the idiot in me running the choke at full, and giving the motor full throttle on a cold start. Show Off's. It hasn't exactly been the smoothest experience so far. Check or test each item, starting with the items at the top of the page. Scooter starts first time when hot and runs great however just won't start from cold. for this now it starts cold awesome good power but soon as it get to operating temp it Because a cold engine doesn't vaporize gas as well as a hot one, you must put in a larger quantity of fuel to get enough vaporized gasoline to start the engine. Often times we overlook the obvious. Then it should start and run half a minute or so until it runs out of gas. Most modern ovens will display a fault code if the oven sensor is at fault. Oh boy is this irritating It's definitely frustrating when you can't get your scooter started. Re: Fourwheeler Won't Start After Sitting Drain all of the fuel from the gas tank, the fuel line & the carb bowl. Safety Regulations Could Kill The Scooter Revolution (But They Totally Won’t) FEE 2018-08-20T14:01:36+00:00 If you live in a major city in the US, you’ve probably already borne witness to the scooter revolution. 2015 · – Honda PCX 150 cc Scooter Buyer’s Guide | MPG, Price, Top Speed Info + More! – Honda introduced the PCX scooter to us here in the USA back in May of Shopping for a motorcycle or scooter? Read about types, features, and other must-know topics in our motorcycle & scooter buying guide to make an informed choice. They are all cranking fine but the engine won't fire. If your engine will not crank over when you turn the key or does so intermittently, then check the following in the order listed. Then I have to sit there an wait, usually after waiting 10 minutes, I try it again and it starts like normal. Scooter Won't Start Stator Repair (3 Reasons Why No Spark) - Duration:  How to start a scooter when is cold - YouTube www. 125cc scooter wont start!? The problem started since it started getting cold (I live in UK) It keeps turning over but it will not start. I checked the fuel line an there wasn't any fuel. Next thing I know the bike is running badly. When the ignition is turned on there is a loud, rapid clicking but the engine won't turn over. This video will show you how to test for fuel and spark in a 49cc scooter. 1990 XJ Will Crank But Won't Start I bought it in November with about 165k miles on it. 14 апр 20145 окт 201612 янв 20175 ноя 201316 Mar 2015 It's called a 'cold engine'. Car. Here are two easy steps to follow so this won’t happen to you. It was in storage for about 5 years and wasn't winterized prior. Kymco 125 starting problems. My 98 Honda Accord won't start. Synthetic oil is thinner, so it won't resist the engine turning over as much as regular oil would. If everything else is clean, you have spark and It won't start cold, it's not rich enough. Before: scooter would sputter a bit as I drove. I purchased it to fix it up as a hobby, but to also sell it for a profit afterwards. Don't forget when the motors are cold and you go to start them THE ENRICHER(CHOKE) is feeding a LOT of extra fuel for the cold starts. Have good spark and fuel is making it to the carb. So your 2 stroke engine won't start. Hello. It SEEMS the battery (gel type) just can't cope with being cold, the bike won't start in the morning but WILL start no trouble later in the afternoon/evening when the ambient temperature has risen. I was just about to give up when I decided to look up “kick start vespa” on google on my blackberry and found your instructions. What to do if your scooter won't start. 07. Poor starts can frequently be attributed to a weak or faulty autobystarter (electric choke). Second, if that does not help, you can try to figure out if the cold start system on the carburetor is hooked up right Scooter/Moped won't start consistently. After some investigation, we now believe we have a good picture of the issue as well as some real evidence of it. Why does my scooter refuse to start in the mornings? - Quora www. I ride this bike often, several times a week. I own a 2007 sportster 1200. I’ve heard of the stumble when cold, the dieseling (for lack of a better term) when cold, but not this. It then does the same thing. If it is not working properly it could be the reason why the range or oven won’t start. Motorcycle vs. So before you run your scooter have engine exercise first as warm up. This only happens in the winter, when it's really cold out. If it doesn't start, it could be the CDI - at least in my case it was. com/bSSJ7Kh this is 49CC 4 stroke. Recently I went on vacation and the motorcycle sat for 10 days. Also check the fuel filter, because a clogged fuel filter will prevent the engine from obtaining adequate fuel supply. Scooter won't start because it's cold outside. New battery, clean carb, new plug, new coil and wire, new CDI, It has spark (though I can't tell how strong). Many people are tempted to use starting fluid when an engine won't start. This page will look at ways to modify and increase the performance of gas scooter engines which are now also being used in go karts. Could be a mispositioned auto choke as well. cylinder properly or you won't get good compression and/or exhaust and the valve may overheat and suffer damage. If you have a small fuel can or tank, you can attach a hose and fill the carb on your scooter that way. My question is that it will usually start first pull and ride good, but when i stop and turn it off and then try to start it back up sometimes it won't start. Most new scooters would have a full charge and it would be display on the battery gauge. A guy was recommended to me came to have a look, said it was my starter motor, he unjammed it, apparently, and gave the battery a boost. I cleaned carburetor and fuel filter but scooter still wouldn't start. It would start reliably, but it would drive at full speed,then cut out for a second a couple of times a mile. My scooter is on the Motability scheme so it's ok for me because I don't have to buy the tires. I am working on a GY6 150cc based atv for a friend and it will not start when it is cold . My scooter is a Yamaha Majesty 125 four stroke but the scooter won't idle. Cold-Weather Motorcycle Riding Tips. Scooter Carburetor Adjustment It can make the scooter hard to start, Don't make adjustments when the engine is cold. If the engine won't start, repeat the process from the start by turning the choke back on, priming the engine, and pull-starting. Went out and finally managed to get my exhaust fitted to my downpipes using a gasket I made from a can of Macaroni Cheese Anyway, tried to start my bike after it and it wouldn't start, it was turning over but just wouldn't fire up, then it sounded like it was backfiring Battery got drained so I just fully charged it and same is happening - turning over but not firing up! Just picked up an 09 Metropolitan 2 weeks ago. It has been parked overnight, probably outside or in an unheated garage. Good cold weather warning. The problem is in the carb's. quora. Scooter won't start cold without a little starter fluid Hate to use starter fluid. I have seen references to It features an electric start and a kick start just in case the battery won’t work. the engine won't start If the engine fails to start after a reasonable number of kicks, say 50 or 60 good boots, then it's time to do some poking around. First weekend, rode around town put about 50 miles on it, everything worked great. scooter won t start when cold I will go there to check it (it is under the gas tank). TO give a proper start to your scooter you need to kick . The only way I can start it when its cold is by using the kick starter. Since this bike is fuel injected, you shouldn't have to do anything more than turn the key on, push the run button, wait for the check engine light to turn off, and push the start button. Still didn't want to start cold, but persisted the warmed it up. The Area for Just put it somewhere where it won't get a lot of water on it. I have a "Panterra" 49cc scooter from Pepboys. With Scooter, it won't take long for the lyrics to grab youloaded with meaning, always with a good "hook," and delivered at once with power and sensitivity. The part(s) or condition(s) listed below for the symptom Small engine won’t start are ordered from most likely to least likely to occur. The trouble is, it won't start cold. same problem here, Kat, nowhere on any other blogs have i found anything like this, but the damn scooter won't accelerate and dies after a very short while. Block rear wheel off the ground so scooter won’t take off. Make sure you choke is on (up position) when the engine is cold. Bike will hardly start when cold, sometimes it won't. Last fall, the scooter started to act up. When I start it again I have to barely hold down the throttle for about 3-5 minutes before it'll turn over and start really going. Here I make it a lot easier on you with 3 common causes and this run down and repair of the stator/magneto. Mid-Size MotoScooter Melee + Video 1500cc of Fury divided five ways: Honda Forza vs Kymco Downtown 300i vs Piaggio BV350 vs SYM Citycom 300i vs Vespa GTS 300 Super ABSIt doesn’t take much imagination to see the C-series scooters’ heritage. And the additional air didn't go through the filter. The flaw in this reasoning is that if only the bystarter valve is "broken" and not extending, then the scooter would be easy to start when cold but hard to start when warm. It then refused to start. com/youtube?q=scooter+won+t+start+when+cold&v=928lrAY9wfY Oct 5, 2016 I figured out a little trick to starting my Tao Tao thunder in the cold. Did you take the air box apart? if so, make sure all that is OK too. First, and most logically, pop off the gas Scooter starts fine from cold. Water is heavier than gas, so the gas floats on top of the water. However, if it starts and dies, that proves the ignition is working and the problem is fuel starvation. You can unscrew the sparkplug and squirt some gas in the cylinder and it will fire right up . I can not start my scooter, i was riding it happyly and it suddenly lost power and stopped. So this is my first post on here. Started it up and it idled well our scooter won’t start! Posted on June 2, 2017 June 2, 2017 by Chase We awoke today around 8:30 PM, grabbed breakfast at Dan’s hostel, and headed out on the moto scooters towards El Limon waterfall. I try to start it and just turns over and over. It starts fine on a cold start, but if I go somewhere and shut it off it WILL NOT START again until the engine cools back down. My propane Onan won't start when its cool outside, like 30-40 degrees. it should be increased to 38. In March of 2010, I attended the Cornerspeed roadracing school at Virginia International Raceway. the bikes are horible cold starters. Maybe it's a old machine your trying to bring back to life, or a dependable engine that never lets you down. After a few winter months of sitting unused, many bikes won’t start and run correctly. When the scooter warms up, it starts fine. Rebels Unite. 24. I think it has good compression as the kick start it hard and you can hear the pops from the exhaust when trying to kick start it. Fires but won't start. 00 for a new battery Crunk up an 3 weeks later it didn't Presuming its kick start or the E start is working and the engine is turning over, the first thing to do when diagnosing why any dirt bike won't start, is to ensure the 4 basic necessities listed below are met. 5 lb's. B. ask. It's supposed to operate when the engine is cold, but if it's stuck or burned out, the mixture will be weak and the scooter How start up your scooter after extended winter storage. By kicking you won’t harm your scooter battery also. It happens every so often get in the car turn the key won't start but everything has power,radio, lights,ac,but won't start,auto zone said it was the battery paid 190. Battery Capacity Stretch Perform a full charge (5 hours) before first riding Operate the Scooter only in 0-90 degree Store the Battery only in -20-110 degree Charge at least once a month Avoid keep the battery at low capacity for a long period Only use the original Here is a good example of low compression on a scooter. Have you tested for a spark? If your China ATV won't start, whether it's straight out of the crate, or seen its better day; there may be a quick fix. You know the old saying: There are motorcyclists who have gone down, motorcyclists who are going down, and motorcyclists who are going to go down again – down to their garage only to find that their bike won’t start. Will start and you can hold the throttle just a bit off idle to keep it running for a sec but then it dies. The writer usually goes on to explain that their scooter is hard to start and doesn't idle when cold so the bystarter valve must be "broken". 17. but it's a bit on the cold side right now, and the scooter is in an unheated 50cc scooter wont start, need help. Electric start doesn't work it just makes a whining sound. One, I don’t like being cold. Scooter cold start after 7 mercedessource Tech help - Troubleshooting is required to find the real cause These diagnostic instructions apply to both gas and diesel engines. Hmmm, If it has an electric start wouldn't you want to use it? I mean my truck is only 6-volt but I don't complain. By kicking you won't harm your scooter battery also. So if the Fuel Ratio Mixture is set to RICH that will feed even more fuel and that is why you get a BACKFIRE when starting it cold. General Chat. I just took it in to the shop, and they replaced the spark plugs, cleaned the carbs, and replaced the battery. Never assume the worst, start at the very begining at lets see if we can get it going! It won't start when cold. Went out of town for a week, when I returned it won't start without peppering the throttle. Triumph Daytona 955i won't tick over. It will then run ok once it is warmed up until we try to start it again the next day. SB Projects is a diversified entertainment and media company with ventures integrating music, film, television, technology and philanthropy. Baja 97cc won't start The engine is a Baja 97c. Once it starts and warms up it runs fine at idle, low and full throttle Re: 2003 CHF-50p won't start, too rich, sooty plug - help please by whoduhthunk on Sun Oct 05, 2008 12:29 am I tore all the body work off the scooter today and took a close look at everything. 2003 Honda Metropolitain, 5500 miles. Non-starting engines can result from improper winter storage (you did drain out or use up all the fuel in tank at the end of the riding season didn't you?), loss of ignition, or electrical problems. New Stihl MS390 won't start. About a month ago, I went out to start it one morning, and it just refused to start up. Scooter Community, Scooter Forums, Scooter Blogs URGENT help needed with Yamaha Majesty battery! Won't start! Reply Contact. and if you self start it it won't start easily because the scooter battery is also cold . There was one time in Phx that it was sooo hot genset got into mode of full throttle/zero throttle and dies. Then it started backfiring and stalling out, and then it wouldn't start. My Mini Moto Won't Start: Make sure you have fuel getting to the carb and fuel valve set to the ON position . The engine's hotness or coldness can both contribute to the difficulty when starting the engine. This problem has just occured as the weather has turned cold and also as the local gas has been reformulated to the winter blend. An improvement in functionality and reliability for Honda's, it continued into 2001 Honda scooter models and beyond. Turning clockwise ("closing" the jet) will produce a higher idle, and counterclockwise ("opening" the jet) will produce a lower idle (and eventually flood Monitor the oil level to make sure you are not losing too much of that, and do NOT let it run out! A puff of smoke upon start-up could be caused by valve guide seals allowing some oil to leak down into the cylinders while the car is parked and not running. Dubois. All tours start on time, so please arrive 15 minutes early to check in. Power Wheelchair, Mobility Scooter, Lift Chair Troubleshooting & Repair Instructions SCROLL DOWN FOR SCOOTER, WHEELCHAIR DIAGNOSIS AND BATTERY CHARGING / TESTING. Troubleshooting Choke: Scooter won't start It's supposed to operate when the engine is cold, but if it's stuck or burned out, the mixture will be weak and the My Scooter Won't Start! September 08, 2014 • Gene Merideth • Lambretta • Lambretta Technical Help • Vespa • Vespa Technical Help A few months of un-prepped winter storage, the first day of 65 degree weather, and a desire to ride don't always go well together. It depends on the oil that you use on your scooter, If you are using heavy oil then the cold start is going to be a problem, I have a 150 cc Gy6, To start a scooter needs three things: Gas A spark Cylinder compression If your scooter won't start it due to one of the above not being present. Anything over that and it starts and runs great. Can’t use roadside assist more than once a week. My scooter won't start or has poor performance. Longbo LB150T-12 Q I have a 2006 Honda Accord four-cylinder with 105,000 miles. Offstage, he tells his family that he’s going name his scooter Web D, after W. My scooter won't start, again! Scooter cold start trick. if this occurs, your scoot will start hard but won't idle by itself without a babied throttle until it warms. But you'd need to check the user's manual to see if synthetic can be used in the ATV. Cold Italian Steel Roars to life with a push start Winter winter, won't you go away So my scooter I can take out and play? But winter's here, and here to stay Next morning, wouldn't start. Hey folks! My PCX is 2 years old now and just when the warranty has ran out it started to give me some trouble! It just won't start with temperatures dropping down to or below 0° Celsius. My Scooter Won't Start OK so we have stated the obvious, now it is up to you to check the obvious as well, time after time people call us for advice and totally ignore the basic things. 3 days later won’t start. An optional charger can be for $25 at any local automotive stores. Scooter Talk. Ruckus Tech. If so, a cold start often requires the choke to be engaged to restrict air flow during warm up. I have changed the choke with no help. Exhaust Pipe and Muffler If you won’t When the weather is cold it won't start When the weather is hot it's easier for the scooter to start. This part can be found inside the oven on the rear wall near the top. Why does my Chinese scooter start real hard cold? by Scooter Chuck (Lake Villa, IL) I have a Chinese version of the gy6 150 cc 4 stroke scooter and when it is cold it is a bear to get started. Any idea what I should It may be necessary to prime the carburetor before attempting to start it when the scooter is brand new, has been inactive for a long period of time, cold engine or runs out of gas. Take a 5 or 10 minute ride not start if the ambient temperature is too cold, the vehicle battery is drained, or there are other problems with the vehicles starting system. here is pic of it: http://imgur. The battery is fully charged and the connections are fine. After numerous attempts it eventually starts to chug a bit then eventually starts and runs fine until I kill the engine then try to restart. com/Why-does-my-scooter-refuse-to-start-in-the-morningsMar 16, 2015 If it hasn't, check to check if you're obtaining voltage to the starting motor . When it won't start remove the spark plug and check the end of the spark plug, if it's dry then there's no fuel coming through, if it's wet you're either flooding it or got a poor spark. 2018. Unlike the experimental C1, the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT look, feel and perform like 08. scooter won t start when coldApr 14, 2014 We're Making Gainesville, FL the Scooter Capital of the World! Subscribe and Join the Journey! Shop NS4L:  Scooter cold start trick - YouTube www. HI Something else to consider is a Scooter tips and insights. When starting cold, it'll turn over with electric and kickstart (both work) and run for a couple of seconds and then die. I fixed the choke and still wouldn't start without hand over the carb so put in a 38 pilot jet and a 8ES plug and started ok from cold, when hot and when warm Doesnt run quite as well as it did with 32 pilot jet but at least I can enjoy riding it now. I replaced the fuel pump to the tune of $200, and it worked for another week, but now i'm back where i started…. It’s supposed to operate when the engine is cold, but if it’s stuck or burned out, the mixture will be weak and the scooter probably won’t start. Luckily for us, we live in Gainesville, Florida, so 'winter' doesn't last too long, but cold weather definitely causes issues when it comes to starting a scooter. Start the engine. Some drivers know that their cars do not start as snug as it should when the engine is hot or cold. - When the bike doesn't start, the engine does crank over one revolution, but just slowly, weakly, then dies. Cold winter weather and running with headlights on makes for a very hard life for the battery. Flashback At his elementary school, Patrick finds out that he’s just won the 1999 W. you won’t Play, streaming, watch and download 150cc scooter won't start! Plz help! video (02:20) , you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free. My 2007 Vino is a cold starter. It has struck me that, in this blog, I often talk about more advanced techniques for safe scooter riding, but haven’t provided much discussion about some of the most basic things – like actually starting your scooter and taking it off its stand. I ride my scooter until The problem is that once we try to start the scooter, it runs crappy and shuts off until it warms up. This starting procedure will help you start any moped or scooter, or even a motorcycle. Usually after 5-10 tries the bike starts. Ran fine for about 40 miles the other day and then started losing power - eventually died and would not start. Cold oil doesn't help a cold motor to start. The temperature during the night was colder than in the daytime. It's supposed to operate when the engine is cold, but if it's stuck or burned out, the mixture will be weak and the scooter probably won't start. The dealer I purchased it from, said they have only one record of the scooter being in their shop for a bad spark plug and won't fix it for free and won't admit to the scooter and this brand being The lights do dim when I try to start it & the engine actually tries to turn over (which is what happened after I charged the battery overnight in my apartment) or sometimes if is really cold the lights won't even turn on or they will & be really bright but the engine won't even attempt to try to turn over. Did you do any testing, when the vehicle refused to start? Yes, if your by yourself, not much you can do. 5 hours including a short skills and scooter operation recap. This is accomplished with the primer pump bowl located at the bottom of the carburetor. Check for water in the gas too. It's about three years old and apx 2k miles. COMPRESSION: Get out the compression gauge and have someone crank the engine for you. Follow. CHARGING - My voltmeter shows the voltage climb to 14 volts when the engine is running. Try the easiest thing first which the plugin is right there. Scooter won't start when hot Alright, so my Z50 has been running perfectly for several months now. I have had my scooter since August last year (2,100+ miles) and have only had to kick start it twice and those were both on sub zero nights, never charged it and most rides are only ~5-10 miles. Smart Start devices never work and every time I go in for a 10 minute calibration, it ends up being a 1-2 hour er ice because the device ends up defaulting and the shop guys have to go through Every cold start, I "set the choke" before starting and have never once had it stall after wards. It's like a chain reaction of things breaking that just don't ever seem to add up in the end. I’ll try to resolve two truths that seem in opposition with each other. I started to have backfire problems after a hard start one day. Small Engine Won’t Start. The Again, if tapping the Carburetor doesn't start the gas flow, take the carb apart to find out why. When your scooter won't start it can be confusing and a complicated diagnosis sometimes. Fix Chinese 49cc Scooter that won't start Back. freestyleflowful . It came into Ontario back 2011 by a young women called Nicole who had ridden the scooter as her main mode of transport for 4 years in Vancouver. Eventually sometimes it starts but usually battery dies before I can get to the start point. Lastly, I had a similar situation. When the weather temperature drops towards or below freezing the bike won't start